Cap Kick Company is the designer and manufacturer of the Tag Along Towels™. Tag Along Towels, both patented & innovative, are protective safety headliners made of various fabrics that enhance comfort, and provide critical protection from hot summers, cold winters, and everything in between.

Our Tag Along Towels™ are as variable as the weather conditions outside, which means you have choices of assorted types, colors & patterns. We also offer custom designs with organizational logos or unique customer specifications that you or your event may require. Tag Along Towels™ can keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold, and dry in the rain. They can be worn alone or under a cap (or hard hat of your choice) and protect your head, neck and face during all outdoor activities. Tag Along Towels™ deliver comfort and protection in adverse condition maximizing safety and increasing productivity.

The following are just some of the industries and consumer activities that are already enjoying the benefits of Tag Along Towels™: Military, Petroleum, Construction, Highway Workers, EPA, State & Local Governments, Outdoor Sports/Events, Boating, Vacationers, Hunting, and more.

Affordable, stylish, quality, and proven: Contact us today to see how Tag Along Towels can enhance your life.


Cap Kick Company is headquartered at Mercado 6 Marketplace, 7355 Hwy. 6 South, Houston, Texas 77083.
We are an innovative firm started in 2006 by Thomas Cashin of Houston, Texas. Our products meet the public
service safety guidelines/concerns that have been issued by “The Center for Disease Control”, “The Office of
the US Surgeon General”, and the “American Medical Association” against the harmful effects of prolonged
outdoor exposure during extremely hot or cold weather conditions.

If your job or leisure activity requires you to be exposed to outdoor weather conditions, you should consider
employing a Tag Along Towels to safely shield and protect you from the weather. Our products reduce exposure
to the weather and temperature extremes, while offering you the increased protection from heat, cold, wind, and
rain that a cap alone cannot provide. Tag Along Towels have been shown to meet and exceed user’s expectations whether wearing them for outdoor recreational activities or in the workplace.


Mercado 6 Marketplace
7355 Hwy. 6 South
Houston, Texas 77083

Thomas Cashin: (713) 647-1838
Cliff Pumphrey: (972) 897-0180